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Greatstone Primary School

Greatstone Primary School

Greatstone Primary School is a Foundation School with twelve classes and three hundred and sixty pupils. The  rural school is set in large, open grounds  located  at  the  end  of  Baldwin  Road,  Greatstone.

The school has excellent buildings, superb facilities, first class resources and dedicated staff. The teaching and support staff are of the highest quality, dedicated, enthusiastic, highly professional and extremely hard working.

As a team, they believe that they offer and deliver as good an education as you will find anywhere in the country. They have a deserved reputation for delivering a very high standard of education in a friendly, happy, supportive environment which gives rise to competition, from families, for places within the school. Unfortunately and regrettably, this means that they are unable to enrol all those who have applied.

With governors and parents backing, the school sets and adheres to values and expectations that they  believe their own children should follow and should expect to receive from others. With such comprehensive support both children and staff are able to work in a happy, relaxed and supportive atmosphere where everyone feels valued, safe, unthreatened and hopefully proud and pleased to be part of Greatstone School.

Further Information

For more information please visit the Greatstone Primary School website.


Greatstone School is located in Baldwin Road, Greatstone, Kent TN28 8SY.
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